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Devwiz is your perfect partner. Not only do we have a crack team of developers, we also have fantastic app UI/UX designers, marvellous marketeers and even finance guys.

It’s inevitable you’ll hear some jargon along the way. We’re here to make it simple for you.

User Interface, known as UI, refers to the look of your app, and comprises the colours you use, typography, layout and content. It's what makes your app beautiful!

Your app needs to stand out, look good and appeal to your target user base. We design with flair, to create stunning apps that you and your users will love. First impressions count!

UX is about the user experience, the feel of the app. It's the comfortable user-friendly functionality that befriends your users and then builds your loyal user base.

It's essential your app is nice to use, and works seamlessly across all platforms. We design with innovative functionality, to create the ultimate user experience. Intuitive design, optimised.​

In the app world, you can’t have one without the other: they are inexorably linked. To do it right, you have to keep both in equilibrium, not pushing too hard in any one direction.

What sets Devwiz apart from a simple designer is that we're UI/UX design specialists, experts in balancing a great experience with a beautiful design.​

A Minimum Viable Product, or MVP, is the leanest version of your product. It includes the bare minimum of features, whilst still providing the desired service.

We apply Lean philosophies to our design, building your app with no hidden costs or unnecessary expense. You tell us what you want: we build exactly that. Nothing more, nothing less.​

Sydney UI/UX Designers

You don’t need to be a technical wizard to have an app idea but you will need specialists, technical experts who will provide you with all the advice, support and guidance you need to take your idea from design to launch.

We can do that.

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We're a Sydney-based

agency of specialists

From developers to UI/UX designers to marketeers, we’ve everyone and everything you need to take your app to market. We can give you a fantastic mobile app with a surprisingly small price tag.

We’re with you every step of the way.

Design your app with Devwiz!

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