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What sets Devwiz apart from the average Software Agency

It’s really important that if you are looking to become a referral partner with a software development agency that you ensure that ideologies are aligned. Therefore here’s our mission so you can decide whether we are the right fit.

At Devwiz, we transform client ideas into leverageable software that either directly brings in revenue or saves time & money.

Our goal is to add value to the idea before we even look at the starting development.

The magic behind how we do this is in our validation frameworks. We have used our knowledge and experience along with new age best practices to create intelligent processes for numerous situations, including building a new app idea and integrating tech into your established business.


Reciprocal Referral Partner

At Devwiz, we believe in collaboration. That’s why our preferred referral partnership is one where we can collaborate to add value to each other’s businesses. The benefits of this model are:

  • Cross-referrals

  • Free Tech strategy advice

  • Social media support

  • Accountability meetings

Commission Partner Program

If however you are not a business or not looking to form a reciprocal partnership, you can become a commission based partner. The benefits of this model are:

  • 25% of any workshop fees

  • 50% of the upfront software development fee

  • 10% of all revenue from the referred customer for the first year

  • Free sales resources

Need Some Tips on How to Find Devwiz Referrals?

Listen Out For:

I still use paper files or excel to manage my company

We are looking to build a mobile app for our business

There are too many manual tasks in my business

The current software (eg CRM) I use is too expensive and doesn't do what I need it to

I am getting too much new business and can’t manage it all

We use too many different pieces of software that aren't integrated



Any business that needs to integrate software into their ops. This is most pertinent for contacts who perform a lot of manual tasks or have a requirement to automate a particular process. We start every project with an Existing Business Audit to ensure what we build is relevant and meaningful.


For your contacts who are looking to launch a new tech project. We have created an intelligent program, starting with a "New Idea" workshop, designed to lead business owners through proven steps from validation all the way through to development and launch!

Some of the industries that we specialise in:



Professional services



Tech Startups


Tech Consulting

If you have an idea for new product or looking to integrate tech into your ops, we will help with strategy.

Software Dev

We build custom software, from mobile apps to web applications and API integrations.

Virtual CTO

Need a consistent resource but can't afford a full time CTO? Use our affordable virtual CTO service.


Take out a maintenance package to ensure your software is bug free, secure and up to date!



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James is a co-founder of Devwiz, which is a software development agency, meaning that they help clients build and launch tech products, from mobile apps to web applications. Over the years they have developed a tried and tested framework that validates the idea prior to development and ensures that their clients only move forward with a lean and valuable tech product.


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