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Smart Client Management

Get all your leads and clients under one roof, sort them efficiently and be able to search on demand.


Cut out manual tedious tasks by automating actions such as client communications, documentation requests and more.

Your System Your Way

Avoid long and complicated system setup and staff training by building your CRM exactly how you want it.

“It’s not your customers’ job to remember you. It is your obligation and responsibility to make sure they don’t have the chance to forget you.”

Patricia Fripp

Customer Relationship Management

A Customer Relationship Management system, or CRM, is the way your business and your staff interact with your customers.

CRM software supports these interactions primarily by serving as a data management system. But it can do so much more for your business too, allowing you to track activity associated with customer interaction, and monitor the service you provide.

A CRM will give you all the tools you need to look after your customer, and to let them know how important they are to your business.



You're unable to keep up with lead flow
You're unable to maximise conversion rate
You spend too much time searching for customer data, files, and correspondence
You're unable to track the activity of your remote workers
Communication across your sales force is poor, and there's duplication of effort
You're not leveraging your existing customer base
You're losing customers
You're not growing your customer base
"In today's competitive market, 100% of businesses will benefit from a CRM, not just saving money, but making it too"
James Killick
Co-Founder of Devwiz




of businesses can benefit from a CRM


of business can do okay with simple,
CRM solutions


of businesses will do better with custom business software


of businesses will benefit from a Devwiz CRM

Benefits of a Devwiz CRM

It’s our opinion that every business can benefit from integrating one of our custom CRM systems into their operations. Below are some of the most common benefits:

  • Central system containing all customer data
  • Multiple user access, with tiered access levels if required
  • A system that understands what your business is doing for its customers
  • A tracking system that lets you understand what your staff is doing for your customers
  •  Streamlined collection, analysis and reporting of key company data
  • Automation of customer correspondence for optimum retention and upselling
  • Valuable reporting functions that enable greater understanding of your customer base

Off-The-Shelf Vs Custom CRM

Can you buy CRM systems off-the-shelf (OTS)? Yes, you can. But with a custom CRM you’re guaranteed software system that is built for your business, the needs of your staff and to help keep your customers happy. With our custom CRMs, we adapt the software so you don’t have to adapt your business.



Functionality not specific to business needs, not fit for purpose
High set-up fees and ongoing-costs
Having to adapt your business ops to fit the software
Extended training periods required for all CRM users
No compatibility with existing business software or systems
Unable to adapt software for your individual needs



Business asset that increases the value of your business
Designed to fit your business ops
User friendly, inbuilt system education
Training and learning resources provided by Devwiz
Compatibility with existing business software and systems
Maximise the potential for business growth


We’re a Sydney-based agency of strategy, design and software specialists. We analyse your business and give you the perfect software proposal to match your needs, budget and growth strategy. We also highlight all the costs involved and compare this to savings/revenue generated to ensure there is a significant return on investment prior to starting any development.

At Devwiz, we understand you need a return on investment from your custom business software.  That’s why we say:

  • If ROI can be quantified in Year 1, then your technology is a must have for your business.
  • If ROI can be quantified in Year 2, then it’s a should have for your business.
  • If ROI cannot be quantified until Year 3 or more, it’s a would like to have.
  • We’re with our clients every step of the way, and we’re here when you (and your ROI) are ready.


Providing a solution to a problem​

Our custom business software is designed with you in mind. It's built around the pain points of your business. It's like everything we build: it looks good; it plays nice; it works perfectly.

Whatever your problem, we'll provide the solution. Your technology will be designed to minimise manual intervention; to drive resource efficiency; and for the ultimate user experience: putting you in control!

A Virtual Chief Technical Officer, at a fraction of the cost​

With LaunchPadD as your virtual CTO, you get the best of both worlds: a team as vested in your business as your employees, with the additional skills of contract specialists.

Your technical architecture is in safe hands. We'll analyse problems and strategise technical solutions to them. We know the language of software and understand customer bases. We're managers, resolvers, developers, designers. We're business improvers. ​

All the benefits of an
in-house team, and then some more​

We're with you every step of the way and we're always here to help. But we know that once your custom business software is integrated, you might want to go it alone.

We'll hold your hand while you take the controls and teach you and your staff how to use the software. The software is hosted on your own server (we suggest using AWS) so you are in total control of the IP and hosting costs.

Opening the way for business growth​

Using custom business software is an excellent way to manage your business. It's the ultimate means for selling and as such, custom business software can massively increase your bottom line.

Automation is the key: reducing manual intervention will allow you to redeploy your resources to spend time doing something more lucrative.

You can leverage your customers by keeping in touch with existing and targeting new customers who typically only access services through mediums such as customer portals or mobile. You can then further increase revenue by up-selling to both audiences.


Over the years, we have become wizards at launching new tech projects, whether they are startups or part of an existing business!

We excel due to our tried and true process framework. The below briefly summarises our magic formula:


Ensuring the project has legs before moving forward

By far the most overlooked of all the stages, validation not only aims to ensure their is a demand, it also gives you a direction and strategy, used in every subsequent step!


Creating something thats both beautiful and functional

This encompasses everything from creating the right brand to a vibrant a modern design with the perfect functionality for your target user base.


Coding that bit of magic that makes the whole thing run

With a variety of different experts under one roof, we will choose the best software for your project and build everything to industry standards using best practises throughout.


Doing the due diligence, whilst also testing the market

We understand the different testing phases from code testing to alpha and then finally beta. Each step is critical to the success of your project.


Marketing the product to put your tech in front of the right people

The high end marketing strategy will have been formulated during validation and then tested in the beta phase. The launch is all about facilitating said strategy in effective campaigns.





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