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Top Blockchain Developers based out of Sydney, building apps for over 7 years


Devwiz has been designing and developing functionally brilliant and beautifully designed applications since 2015. As of 2021, we bought onboard and trained blockchain development specialists, ranging from smart contract developers to dApp app front end devs.


Benefits of Working with Some of the Best Australian Blockchain Developers

We approach blockchain development differently to most agencies, focusing on tried and tested Web 2 SOPs and applying them to Web 3.
By hiring us for your crypto project, you’ll benefit from:

Web 3 Ideation

Our product specialists will work with you to build our your Web 3 idea and maximise its potential.

Blockchain Specialists

True crypto specialists that have been taught how to develop software the right way are in short supply.

Crypto Network

In our time working in the industry we have accumulated a large network of blockchain specialists.

Are you interested in Web 3 but need help
putting it all together?

Our 1 on 1 workshops take dApp ideas and turn them into commercially viable blockchain projects.


What's Different About Working with Dewviz?


We proactively communicate throughout development so you are abreast of all dev.


We put our blockchain clients first and ensure we always do right by them.

Driven to Learn

The crypto industry is evolving fast and we strive to stay ahead of the curve.


We are UI/UX specialists and apply this to all decentralised applications.


Solving Common App Development Problems

Finding the right tech partners will ensure that you evade the common app development problems faced by startups and established businesses alike, such as:


Blockchain technology is still in its early stages and it can be difficult to find a development team that you can trust.

Not only is the development of blockchain applications and protocols complex, but it’s also still in its early stages which means that there are many risks associated with working with an inexperienced team.
Our team has been developing apps since 2014 and we have a proven track record of success. We’ve taken and applied this Web 2 success into everything that we do Web 3. All our processes and procedures are born out of years of development experience and our blockchain developers are full versed in all of the latest technologies and frameworks.


Have an idea for blockchain software or a decentralised application (dApp) but no idea how to get started in Web 3.

Most clients are non-tech and have little experience with the decentralised world. That means that while you might have an idea for leveraging blockchain technology, the process of turning it into a dApp that not only works but actually turns a profit can be extremely daunting.
We are a full-service software development agency, meaning that we have everything you need to build a successful Web 3 application all in-house under one roof. Not only do we have top blockchain developers, we also have product specialists that ensure you employ the right go to market strategy form the very beginning, understanding the market as a whole as well as your key user personas.


The development of blockchain protocols and decentralised applications is a complex process that can be difficult to navigate.

Not only is it hard to find a qualified developer, but it’s also challenging to know if they will be able to complete your project on time and within budget. And what happens if they don’t? You could be out thousands of dollars and still have an unfinished app.

We are a full-service app development company that has been designing and developing apps for clients since 2015. We are experts in iOS, Android, and web development, and we have a team of highly qualified app specialists who are passionate about their work. Not just that but we are based in Sydney so you can call in on us anytime and we do all our projects on a fixed-price basis so you know the costs can’t deviate.

Devwiz helped us to define exactly what we wanted to build. We were new to app designs as were our SMEs. They provided our team with patient guidance, so even the least tech savvy amongst us understood each step of the process.

The process consisted of a validation workshop where defined the functionality, and a design workshop where we created the UI for the MVP. The Devwiz framework for both workshops really helped to make the process as efficient as it could be, which is so important any government industries. We are extremely happy with the results: a full Software Development Plan and complete UI designs (via InVision).
James Ferguson
Coordinator, NSW Government Sober Driver Program


Our Blockchain Development Services

Idea Validation
UI/UX dApp Design
Smart Contract Development
dApp Frontend Dev
NFT Development
DeFi Development
dApp Testing
Token Launch
dApp Maintenance

Do you have an idea for a Web3 platform?

Each Devwiz Blockchain Developer is supported by a team of specialists, whose goals is to help you launch the best possible dApp from product specialists to project managers and testers.


Our Formula for Success


Laying the right foundations

Validating and evolving your Web 3 ideas


Creating the best user experience

UI/UX designs that turn heads


Writing the Smart Contracts

Developing code ithats safe & reliable


Launching on Testnet first

Performing both code and user acceptance testing


Deploying to the Mainet

Launching the dApp on the blockchain of choice


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Blockchain Development FAQs

Our expertise in blockchain development allows us to take on blockchain projects from all shapes and sizes. To name a few, we deal with NFTs, Token Generation, and DeFi.

To provide a rough estimate, a simple Token Generation and NFT project can be done within a month.

DeFi platforms or NFTs requiring custom contract logic may take up to 2 months.

For more significant dApp projects, time for completion will depend on the features a client wants to implement – the more complex the project turns out to be, the longer time we’ll need.

Yes, our service agreement contract covers this clause. We’re ready to sign an NDA with our clients to ensure further confidentiality. 

Yes. We are ready to jump in at any stage of the product development process if we have the resources and technology to do so.

We look at each and every project on a case by case basis.

First, we will give you our full commercial rate.

However, from there we can look at giving you a reduction based on receiving tokens or NFTs.

The amount of reduction will depend on how unique your project is.

It should be noted though that we will never do 100% of development on the basis of a token allocation. There will always be a fiat or top crypto component in all our transactions.


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