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Devwiz has been designing and developing functionally brilliant and beautifully designed iOS, Android & web applications since 2015. We tailor our services to each client, from individual entrepreneurs building startup app projects to large corporates and even government organisations.

Benefits of Working with One of Sydney's Best App Development Agencies

Our team of mobile and web developers approach software development differently than most companies. By hiring us for your app project, you’ll benefit from:


Our team will work with you from the very beginning to bring your app idea to life;


We’ll guide you through every step of the process, from design to development;


We employ a formula for app development that ensures all projects turn a profit;


We stay with you long term and ensure that your app and business grow together.

Can you imagine the possibilities for your business or startup?

Our 1 on 1 workshops take your fantastic app ideas and turn them into commercially viable projects.

What's Different About Working With Devwiz

Our team of mobile and web developers approach software development differently than most companies. By hiring us for your app project, you’ll benefit from:


We value honesty and constant communication

Driven to Achieve

Constantly looking to improve ourselves and our projects


We understand the psychology behind the user experience


Creating apps that will sell and deliver profits

Solving Common App Development Problems

9/10 finding the right tech partners will ensure that you evade the common app development problems faced by startups and established businesses alike, such as:

Finding a development team that you trust

Not only is it hard to find a qualified developer, but it’s also challenging to know if they will be able to complete your project on time and within budget. And what happens if they don’t? You could be out thousands of dollars and still have an unfinished app.

We are a full-service app development company that has been designing and developing apps for clients since 2015. We are experts in iOS, Android, and web development, and we have a team of highly qualified app specialists who are passionate about their work. Not just that but we are based in Sydney so you can call in on us anytime and we do all our projects on a fixed-price basis so you know the costs can’t deviate.

Have an app idea but don't know where to start

Most clients are non-tech and have little experience developing software like mobile apps. The process of taking an idea and turning it into an app that not only works but actually turns a profit can be extremely daunting. As such, knowing where to start is an extremely common problem.

We are a full-service mobile and web app agency, meaning that we have everything you need to build a successful application all in-house under one roof. Our team of experts will work with you to lay the right foundations and make sure your app is perfect from the very begging. We also have an array of services from initial strategy sessions to more significant app workshops that are designed to guide you through the process.

Overcoming the complexities of app development

App development is a multi-step process that can often take several months to complete. As a non-tech founder or business owner, knowing what you need to cover off and ensuring that you are moving in the right direction can be a significant issue.

Our team will work with you every step of the way to make sure your app meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. We have created an app launch formula starting with laying the right foundations. Then from there, we work in sprints, providing you with regular updates and the ability to test and review what is being built. No matter what stage we are at, you will always be in complete control of the project.

Don't have the time or resources to build in-house

App development is a complex process that requires specific skills and knowledge to undertake. Not only do you need to find qualified developers, but you also need to make sure they understand your vision and are able to execute on it. That’s not even including the other specialists that are required.

The best thing about working with our team is exactly that, we are an established team of app specialists that have been working together successfully for years. We are poised to get your project up and running quickly without the typical learning curves it takes when hiring in-house. At that stage, we can grow with you through maintenance agreements and even though the hiring of dedicated developers to work on your project long term.


Devwiz helped us to define exactly what we wanted to build. We were new to app designs as were our SMEs. They provided our team with patient guidance, so even the least tech savvy amongst us understood each step of the process.

The process consisted of a validation workshop where defined the functionality, and a design workshop where we created the UI for the MVP. The Devwiz framework for both workshops really helped to make the process as efficient as it could be, which is so important any government industries. We are extremely happy with the results: a full Software Development Plan and complete UI designs (via InVision).
James Ferguson
Coordinator, Sober Driver Program – NSW Government

Our App Development Services

App Idea


iOS App

Android App

Web App

Blockchain Development





Do you have an idea for an app?

We can help develop amazing app brands all the way from the idea phase!

Our Formula for Success


Laying the right foundations

Taking you through the process of idea validation


Creating the user interface

Designing beautiful and functional UI/UX graphics


Writing the code

Developing the code in line with scope and designs


Testing the app

Performing both code and user acceptance testing


Deploying to production

Launching the app on prod servers and on the app stores


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Frequently Asked Questions

We specialize in working with companies whose app ideas are at different stages of development. You may benefit from our Idea Validation workshop, designed to help you move through this phase with an introduction to the Lean Canvas and client profiling.

Yes, we will always try and give you an approximate price on your first call or email. 

Please note that we base ballpark estimates on our experience, so the actual final cost may go up or down as we take the time to explore your requirements in more detail. The more information you can provide us with about what you need, the more accurate our ballpark estimate is likely to be.

Yes, it is common for us to work with existing systems and teams. 

If these teams are crucial to the success of the project, then we would recommend arranging a call or introducing them early on, to explore their ideas and identify how to work around any potential limitations.

Each of our projects will have a designated project manager who will be in touch with you regularly for updates and questions. We will also give you access to our project management board that we use to raise project issues and track progress.Once final payment is cleared, we will provide you the source code and you will be the owner of that source code.

Yes, you will be assigned appropriate copyright or licence rights for the code that we write for your project. We are transparent with intellectual property rights, and you will have the opportunity to review our code ownership terms before the project begins.

As it’s your idea, concept, and your business, you will own the rights of the app. Devwiz will just provide consultation and help you in bringing your idea to life.

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