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Find Beta Testers for Your App

After all the sweat and tears you put into creating your very first mobile application, it is time to get it tested. This will ensure that, on launch day, your app is as bug-free as possible, providing users with a great experience from day one.

What is Beta Testing?

Beta Testing is performed at the end of the development after both code testing and internal testing has taken place. You should at this point have at least a 90% confidence that your app is stable because even though you will tell any potential beta testers that this is not a “finished product”, you are essentially putting the app out into the public domain.

From a development agency’s point of view, it’s the final stage of Acceptance Testing before releasing the app publicly. It usually takes place through the app store beta programs or in a monitored web environment.

Who should be your App Beta Testers?

Now you could test your app yourself but internal testing alone can never be as thorough as letting a group of people test it for you. This process comes with questions. Who are you going to let test the application? Should you let your friends beta test it for you? Should you send it out to random users? Remember, although it is vital that your app is tested, it is important that the right people will test it.

With that said, here are three ways you can reach these people to ensure your mobile application is thoroughly beta tested.

1. Utilise Online Beta Testing Services

You can access services dedicated to beta testing online. These services beta test your application and allow you access to the users who examined them, letting you listen to their feedback.

Online beta testing services are excellent if you are yet to have an audience that's engaged and interested in what you do, or you need a quick beta test before launch day. Just be aware, that the user may not necessarily be of your target audience, and the feedback they provide may either be relevant or not.

(i.e. Test IO, BetaTesting, TesterWork)

2. Reach Out to the Testers Personally

If you want to personally be with the beta testers, seeing how they interact with your application and get even more thorough feedback, then you can do so. Just look for people that fit your audience profile.

For example, if you're building an application for the gym that helps them keep track of their activities, go to the gym and look for people who use the gym. Watch as they workout and use the app to track their activities, listening to their feedback as they run into some issues or praise you for a feature they've always wanted.

3. Put Your Email List to Good Use

In the most optimal of situations, you would have a list of emails to some individuals in your target audience even before you've started building the application. You'd want to do that too, as you can email them about your plans, keeping them engaged and interested in the day your app gets released.

If you do have this list, you're good to go! They'll serve as excellent beta testers of your app, giving you plenty of feedback before you launch it. However, this process of the user giving you feedback shouldn't only start during beta testing, but even during the creation of the app. This gives your audience a sense that they have a huge part to play in the production of the app. In turn, they become more engaged and are more likely to provide more thorough feedback.

How Is Beta Testing Managed?

You can opt for any of the three options we've given above, or even all of them. They all require slightly different management techniques. However, they all have the following requirements in common:

  1. Your Beta Testers must be given clear instructions of what they are testing, from how to access to a beta program to the intent behind the testing;
  2. You must stay in constant communication to ensure you get the most out of your testers;
  3. There must be a convenient way for your Beta Testers to give feedback or report issues;
  4. All issues need to be reported to the app development team.

This is something that you can handle yourself and many app owners do. This is because it’s an opportunity to gain first-hand feedback on the app(s). However, some of our clients also opt to have us manage this process on their behalf.

What's important is that your mobile application is tested in the real world, as it is there where flaws and problems arise. With the help of beta testers, you ensure that there’s a high level of confidence that your app will work as intended on launch day.

Devwiz is an app development agency based in Sydney so if you need some advice regarding building an app or need help testing your app, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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